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Meet Your Instructor
Jon Morrison will give you the confidence you need to start and launch outstanding websites.

He went from being a struggling freelancer to running an agency that brings in a steady stream of revenue. 

Jon is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create new streams of revenue to help them grow their business, live more generously, hire more people, and take better vacations. 

What Jon has learned in his years of delivering websites, he is excited to pass on to you.

What You Can Expect To Learn During Our Training Sessions

Learn The Process
We'll teach you how to lead a project from start to finish.
Learn The Software
We'll teach you how to use Asana, Contentsnare, Get Clear Sites, and Loom
Learn To Market Your Offering
We'll give you some of the best practices for getting new clients.
Learn how to sell
We teach you about sales calls, pricing, writing, proposals and how to close deals.
Connect To Our Community
We will connect with other Project Leaders who can be your support and sounding board.
Get Your Questions Answered
We make sure your questions and curiosities are covered.

Fall In Love With The Website Design System For Those Who Don't Build Websites

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