Step One: Get Trained As A Project Leader
We'll teach you everything we know about leading successful projects.

We teach you everything you need from sale to launch. Our training session includes the marketing, the processes, the software, and the best practices in client communication.

Step Two: Get A Client
There are millions of small businesses that need websites today. You just have to find one of them.

You can charge your client whatever you want for the site build. It's up to you how much you'll be making. Not sure how to sell a website? We'll teach you how.

Step Three: Choose Your Package
You can build the site yourself or we can do it for you.

If you choose our team to build the site, we do our best to keep our quote at $1500. However, with some projects, we reserve the right to bump it up for extra requirements and requests.

Step Four: Onboard Your Client
We set you up to take your client through a series of questions to get everything needed for the site.

You'll love how simple the software is to capture the information. 

Step Five: Get The Site Built
We teach you all the steps or we do it for you. Either way, the new website is being created here.

Once it's ready, the project gets sent to the client for revisions and approval. We have great software to make this super simple.

Step Six: Launch And Support The Client
Once the site is live, our team is going to help you serve the client with a website that works for them.

You should be charging between $80-100 per month for hosting, security, and support.

After our fees for doing all the work and keeping the site up, you'll be making $40-60/mo. Once you have 50 clients like this, that's $2000-$3000 a month in recurring revenue.

Would You Like To See How The Numbers Add Up?
Try out some numbers with our Revenue Stream Income Calculator
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